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Natural Resources Engineering- Ecology of Aquatics & Fisheries, MSC, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural, Iran, 2011-2014.

Fisheries Engineering, BSc, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2007-2011       

Information om forskning och undervisning

Pigments of the red seaweed Gracilaria corticata (Rhodophyta) 

UV-absorbing compounds of the red seaweed Gracilaria corticata

Agar yield of the red seaweed Gracilaria corticata

Partial morphometrics and meristic evaluation of the two species mudskippers: cartelaos tenuis (Day, 1876) and Periophthalmus waltoni (Koumans, 1941)

Diet in two species of Mudskipper (Periophthalmus waltoni and Scartelaos tenuis)

Teaching the course of “Sustainable Agriculture principles”, University of Payam Noor Shiraz (PNU), 2015-2017.


Marine Biotechnology

Marine Microbiology

Marine Biology and Ecology

Marine and Freshwater Algae