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Matheus is a postdoctoral researcher in the Earth Change Observation Lab since April 2019, whose research focuses on understanding what determines the structure and function of plant communities. His work uses remote sensing and field surveys to explore how tropical vegetation responds to global changes. His current project revolves around the use of terrestrial LiDAR to predict the effects of climate and fragmentation on tree canopies and ecosystem functioning in the Amazon, Malaysian Borneo and Kenyan forests. He received his PhD in Plant Sciences from the University of Cambridge in March 2019, where he used airborne LiDAR and field spectroscopy to investigate forest responses to El Niño events and oil palm expansion.

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Plant Sciences, PhD, University of Cambridge

Tilldelningsdatum: 12 aug 2019

Forest Resources, Master of Science, University of São Paulo

Tilldelningsdatum: 13 aug 2013

Forest Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Federal University of Lavras

Tilldelningsdatum: 29 jan 2011


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Changes in leaf functional traits of rainforest canopy trees associated with an El Niño event in Borneo

Nunes, M., Both, S., Bongalov, B., Brelsford, C., Khoury, S., Burslem, D., Philipson, C., Majalap, N., Riutta, T., Coomes, D. & Cutler, M., 29 jul 2019, I : Environmental Research Letters. 14, 8, 14 s.

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The giant trees of the Amazon basin

Gorgens, E., Motta, A. Z., Assis, M., Nunes, M., Jackson, T., Coomes, D., Rosette, J., Aragão, L. E. & Ometto, J. P., 29 aug 2019, I : Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 17, 7, s. 373-374

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The major barriers to evidence‐informed conservation policy and possible solutions

Rose, D., Sutherland, W., Amano, T., González-Varo, J., Robertson, R., Simmons, B., Wauchope, H., Kovacs, E., Duran, A. P., Vadrot, A., Wu, W., Dias, M., Di Fonzo, M., Ivory, S., Norris, L., Nunes, M., Nyumba, T. O., Steiner, N., Vickery, J. & Mukherjee, N., 20 apr 2018, I : Conservation Letters. 11, 5

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Amazon: On the edge of the burnt rain­forest

Eduardo Maeda & Matheus Nunes


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