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Description of ongoing research

I am currently working on a postdoctoral research project entitled "Political Imagination and the Crisis of Political Rationality" which aims to redescribe political rationality as a facet of political imagination and diagnose current political polarization in liberal democracies as a result of a deepening splintering in the way we imagine political reality. The project aims also to consider the ways in which political rationality, understood as emanating from shared political imagination, could be reconstructed and reonciled with  democratic values and political pluralism without imposing monovalent, dominating or oppressive forms of political rationality.

Past research

In my completed doctoral research project "Political Ontology and Imagination: Towards a Democratic Political Imagination" I combined perspectives in current research on political imagination, political ontology and democratic theory to sketch out a new theory of political ontology. The aim was to shed light on the political ontology of democracy through an enriched conception of the role of political imagination for democratic politics.

Areas of expertise

I work mainly within the traditions of contemporary continental political philosophy, post-phenomenological thought and critical theory but with a broad interest in all contemporary political thought and theory.

Areas of interest: Political theory and philosophy, theories of democracy, critical theory, affect theory, philosophy of inequality, continental political philosophy, political ontology, political imagination, conflict, populism, postfoundational political theory, fascism and totalitarianism. 


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