Mawa Karambiri, Post-Doctoral Researcher in International Forest Policy, University of Helsinki

PhD in Forest Economics and Marketing, University of Helsinki

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PhD, Forest Economics and Marketing, University of Helsinki


PhD in Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki

MSc: Sociology, Catholic University of West Africa, Burkina Faso

Research area

Forest governance, Climate change, Policy, local democracy, Gender

On-go­ing activ­it­ies

FOREQUAL Project " The forestry sector as an Inequality Machine? Agents, Agreements and Global Politics of Trade and Investment in the Congo Basin" 

SEQUAL project: "Socio-ecological relations and gender equality: dynamics and processes for transformational change across scales (SEQUAL)

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Mawa Karambiri is a postdoc in International Forest Policy. Mawa completed her PhD in Forest Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In her thesis, she examined the (re)translation of global forest policy into local levels in sub-Sahara Africa/Burkina Faso and the implications for local democracy.

Her current research relates to the perceptions of gender inequality in public policies in Burkina Faso and in development cooperation/aid (within the SEQUAL project - Social-ecological relations and gender equality). She also works on issues of the forest sector as an inequality machine in the  Congo Basin (FOREQUAL project).


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