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Michael Egerer's research interests address gambling, gambling regulations and the concept of addiction. The research projects he is currently working on concern the implications of neuroscientific addiction research, the opening of the new casino in Tampere, and the future of the Finnish gambling regulation. While mastering a wide selection of methodologies, Egerer is an expert in the focus group technique. He is developing the application of sociological systems theory in the field of addiction and gambling research and together with two colleagues, he has recently published an article on this matter. Egerer is co-author and co-editor of two international books on gambling policy and regulation. He is the vice-chair of the Finnish Association for Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Research.


gambling, gambling regulation, sociology, addiction, alcohol, social work, qualitative methods, cultural and country comparisons

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Sociology, Title of Docent

Tilldelningsdatum: 28 juni 2022

Sociology, PhD, Institutional footprints in the addiction image: A focus-group study with Finnish and French general practitioners and social workers, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki

Tilldelningsdatum: 4 nov. 2014

European Graduate School in Addiction Research ESADD, Technische Universität Dresden

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 juni 2013

Sociology, Dipl. Soz. (Univ.), Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg

Tilldelningsdatum: 21 dec. 2006

Externa befattningar

Visiting researcher, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

2 feb. 20193 mars 2019

Visiting Researcher, Cermes 3, Université Paris Descartes

14 feb. 201220 apr. 2012


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