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I work as a Project Planning Officer for the FIN-CLARIN project that maintains the Language Bank of Finland. I help and advise researchers and students who need to use, share and publish speech and text corpora.

I teach online courses in corpus linguistics, speech analysis and language data management. My courses are open to students at the University of Helsinki as well as those of other Finnish universities. I also teach an online course in corpus linguistics for an international audience, and I provide a large part of my course materials in both Finnish and English. Personally, I am enthusiastic about various tools and methods that can aid the research process and make it more efficient. I frequently produce video tutorials and other types of online materials related to the aforementioned topics.

As a phonetician by training, I am interested in the pronunciation variation and temporal nature of speech, and especially in how the language that human beings share can emerge and evolve in their everyday interaction. I am also interested in how people learn the pronunciation of a second or foreign language. Even today, this is not a well-known field. Some years ago I was involved in, e.g., the ProoF project (2008-2011), where we studied the Finnish pronunciation of immigrants in Finland.

The title of my forthcoming doctoral dissertation is Phonetic correlates of word frequency in spoken everyday Finnish. It is an acoustic-phonetic study of how the frequency of words in speech is related to their pronunciation.


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Phonetics, Master of Arts, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 11 maj 1999


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