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Miia Paakkanen studies compassion and works on her PhD on compassion as an attitude and a way of living, being and leading.The title of her PhD is In Search of Compassionate Mindset. Paakkanen studies compassion as a concept and social process on individual, relational, organizational and leadership levels. 

Paakkanen is a co-founder of the multidisciplinary, international, and pioneering CoPassion research project that studies compassion in business. CoPassion is the first project in Finland and among the first ones in the world to study the effect of compassiona interventions on the well-being and productivity of employees and organizations. CoPassion has received over million euro funding from Tekes, the Finnish funding agency of technology and innovation. Paakkanen graduated in Business and is now working at the theology deparment doing research mainly in the fields of psychology, management and positive organizations. 

Information om forskning och undervisning

5 cr University course: Good Working Life: Leading Well-Being and Success, April-May


Student understands and learns to acknowledge and analyze the key approaches and latest scientific theories of positive leadership and good working life. The course draws from Positive Organizational Scholarship and Positive Psychology. The course focuses on aspects of a humane working life and studies the elements that promote individual and organizational flourishing. The sessions focus on leading individual and organizational flourishing, strengths and virtues, emotions at work, high quality connections and positive relationships, intrinsic motivation and basic human needs, and meaning at work. After the course the student is able to evaluate the factors that affect and foster optimal states of individuals and organizations. The course assignments direct students to apply their know-how of positive leadership and good working life dynamics to their own life as well.

Course sessions focus inter alia on individual and organizational prosperity, identifying strengths and management, the role of emotions and leadership in working life, high-quality social contexts and positive relations, internal motivation, as well as the relevance of the work. The course, the student is able to assess the human and the organization's optimal state of being positively active management. tasks of the course, students are guided to apply the good work positive factors, as well as self-management and other influence in practice.

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Coach, work life emotional skills for leaders

Vice president, Finnish Positive Psychology Association


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