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Miina is an internationally recognized researcher in twin epigenetics, and she has contributed to several important discoveries on the roles of genome and epigenome on both early life and adult complex disease and trait variation.

Since 2013 Miina has led a research group of Epigenetics of Complex Diseases &Traits  focusing in obesity, aging, and substance use in early life and in adulthood, using trait-discordant and concordant twin pairs and twin modelling.

Miina is interested in understanding the roles of genome, epigenome and environment in health and disease, in producing reliable biomarker signatures and potential intervention targets for common diseases as well as in identification of epigenetic variants which could be used in risk prediction.


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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

1 aug. 200731 aug. 2010


  • 1184 Genetik, utvecklingsbiologi, fysiologi

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