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Research interests

- Persian literature, especially poetry

- Musical traditions connected with Persian poetry

- Sufi practice and ritual in South Asia

- Mystical philosophy in South Asian Sufism


Teaching (University of Helsinki 2007-)

- Hindi on all levels from introductory to advanced

- Urdu on all levels from introductory to advanced

- Persian on introductory and intermediate level

- Sanskrit texts

- Introduction to Islam

- Islam in South Asia

- Persian literature

- Urdu literature

- Islamic intellectual history


Mikko Viitamäki works as University Lecturer in South Asian Studies at the University of Helsinki. He received the PhD degree at the University of Helsinki in 2015 majoring in Arabic and Islamic studies. In his dissertation, he studied the relationship of a poetic text and musical performance in the context of Sufi religious practice in Delhi and Hyderabad.

At present, Dr. Viitamäki teaches (Hindi, Urdu and Persian as well as courses on South Asian and Persian literature and culture. His teaching and research interests cover topics such as politics of language in South Asia and Iran, aesthetics, history and performance contexts of Persian and Urdu poetry, Islamic reform and contemporary Islamic debates in South Asia. He is also working on a translation of an anthology of Persian poetry into Finnish.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Arabic and Islamic Studies, PhD, Institutionen för världens kulturer 2010-2017

Tilldelningsdatum: 31 mars 2015


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