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Gas exchange in plant leaves occurs through stomata, which are small pores surrounded by two guard cells. The aperture and closure of these pores can be triggered by many different sitmuli such as pathogens, hormones or environmental conditions.

My research project is focused on stomatal regulation at a molecular level and how abiotic and biotic stresses affect stomatal movements and gas exchange in plants by using Arabidopsis thaliana as a research model plant.



Since I started my studies in biotechnology, my focus has been on plant research. Understanding plant plasticity and mechanisms of adaptation in presence of adverse conditions is my main interest. This includes working with stress treatments for plants such as salt stress, osmotic stress or water deficiency amongst others. I am also very interested in plant behaviour in response to hormone treatment and also hormone regulation.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Agricultural Sciences, M.Sc, Helsingfors universitet

aug. 2019maj 2021

Biotechnology, B.Sc, Universitat de Valencia

sep. 2014juli 2019

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Committee member at Biotech Club, BiotechClub

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