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I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation in international relations, which is titled as:

”Crouching (paper) tiger, hidden (paper) dragon, and the clash of conspiratorial discourses?

Expected time of completion: 2022

My doctoral thesis examines foreign policy-related conspiratorial discourses and their ideological and political implications in the relationship of the People's Republic of China and the United States of America from 1989 to 2021. It suggests a hypothesis that there has been a ”conspiratorial turn” in foreign policy-related discourses in both countries due to the unfolding epoch of two authoritarian populist-nationalist great power leaders (Trump and Xi), who harbour mutually competing global visions.

The said ”turn” manifests itself in the form of four emerging conspiratorial narratives on both sides. These narratives are extracted from research material consisting of speeches, documents and books by US and Chinese presidents, along with members of their respective administrations and foreign policy/ national defense-related agencies. Methodologically, the dissertation applies Koselleckian conceptual history and Essex-school inspired discourse analysis.

The reason why I am interested in conspiracy theories is because they are often categorically framed as "pathologies of post-truth politics" or "dislocatory effects of (post)modern alienation and anxieties", which completely disregards their historicity, particularity and politicality. My dissertation argues that conspiratorial discourses share both general and particular characteristics, and that they have always played a role within Sino-U.S. relations, international relations and politics in general. 

Grants received so far:

- Jenny and Antti Whuri Foundation (2020)

- The Kone Foundation (2019) for a visiting researcher period at the Fudan University in Shanghai, China (1.9.2019-31.12.2019).

- The Joel Toivolan Säätiö foundation (2017, 2018) 


Research interests:


- China (foreign policy, political thought, Sino-U.S. relations)

- Threat perceptions, nationalism(s), authoritarianism, populism

- Conspiracy theories

- Foreign political discourses, narratives and rhetoric

- Conceptual history

- IR & Political theory

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