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I am a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki in the Doctoral Programme of Gender, Culture and Society (SKY). My interdisciplinary dissertation examines the ways in which consensually non-monogamous relationships are made sense of in Finland, both in institutional and cultural contexts as well as in the private sector of life. The study aims to provide new understanding of relationships that do not follow normative assumptions about love and intimacy, such as polyamory, open relationships and swinging, and to highlight the different ways in which social processes and norms regulate and govern general understanding of monogamy. My research is located in the field of critical social psychology and it draws understanding from feminist research tradition.

Alongside my PhD I work as a specialist at The Family Federation of Finland’s youth services. I also provide education as an independent consultant in the areas of sexuality, gender and relationship diversities. I have previously worked as a specialist in issues related to child sexual violence prevention. 

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Social Psychology, Master of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki

Tilldelningsdatum: 20 nov. 2018

Sexological Counselling, Väestöliitto

Tilldelningsdatum: 14 sep. 2018

Basic Sexology, Sexpo-säätiö

Tilldelningsdatum: 10 mars 2017

Bachelor of Social Services, Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu

Tilldelningsdatum: 27 maj 2016


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