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My research currently focusses on valorization of agricultural side streams, particularly hemicelluloses derived from cereals. To better utilize this major side stream of cereal processes in an industrial scale, functional, sustainable, and economically feasible applications are needed. Hydrocolloids and emulsifiers are among the promising applications. I am now working on the suspension/dispersion and emulsion of hemicelluloses derived from wheat and oat for food application.


Currently, I am teaching food technology and supervise master's thesis on related topic.

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Food Science, PhD, Rheological, melting, microstructural, and oil droplets-interfacial properties of model processed cheese made with calcium caseinate and trisodium citrate Or sodium pyrophosphate, The University of Auckland

feb. 2012sep. 2016

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 maj 2017

Food Science, Master's Degree, Detection of Shiga toxin (stx) 1 and 2 genes from Escherichia coli isolated from local beef burger, National University of Malaysia

dec. 2009aug. 2011

Tilldelningsdatum: 15 aug. 2011

Industrial Chemistry, Bachelor's Degree, Comparison of Soxhlet Methods for the Determination of Fats in Local Snack Foods, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

juli 2006maj 2009

Tilldelningsdatum: 15 aug. 2009


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