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I am a principal investigator at the University of Helsinki, leading a research project on language diversification and spread in the north. I work with languages of the Arctic, languages of Siberia, and the Uralic languages. My research interests span language documentation and description, linguistic and sociolinguistic typology, and language change. In historical linguistics I focus on integration of linguistic, sociolinguistic, and interdisciplinary evidence. My publications include papers on Enets grammar, typology, historical sociolinguistics, and history of the Uralic languages; I have been also preparing for publication legacy materials in Northern Samoyedic. In 2021 I co-edited a special issue of International Journal of Bilingualism with the title ‘Typology of small-scale multilingualism’ (with Nina Dobrushina and Brigitte Pakendorf), and now I am co-editing a collective volume Language change in the Arctic (with Lenore Grenoble).

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Linguistics, PhD, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Tilldelningsdatum: 16 nov. 2005

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Senior research fellow, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences

1 juni 201531 mars 2022


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