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Olivia Maury

Politices magister, Phd-student


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My doctoral thesis examines the production of the figure of the student-migrant-worker. Based on an interview data with migrants from various non-EU countries residing on a student visa in Finland, it analyses the impact of the border regime in creating a flexible and precarious labour force. The thesis further develops the analysis of borders and migratory movements in relation to capitalist value accumulation.

Keywords: autonomy of migration, borders, labour force, Marxian theory, precarization, subjectivity, student-migration

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Politices magister

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 jun 2015

Master of Social Sciences

Externa befattningar

Visiting Phd-students, Université Paris Descartes

1 jan 201831 maj 2018

Fellow, Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI), The New School, NY

jun 2017


  • 5141 Sociologi
  • Migration
  • borders
  • precarization
  • labor force
  • subjectivity
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