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Olle holds a joint PhD in human geography and regional planning (2013) from the University of Tartu and Ghent University. As a human geographer, his broad interdisciplinary research interests focus on human mobilities in spatial, temporal and social contexts from the individual to the aggregate level. He is particularly interested in how big data such as mobile phone and social media data can be used to examine individual spatial mobilities and behaviour, and how this can be interpreted and implemented in spatial planning and policy. In recent years, he has examined ways to use big data in studying cross-border interactions, transnationalism, segregation, socio-spatial inequality and urban accessibility. Olle is currently working on a new project funded by Academy of Finland “BORDERSPACE - Tracing interactions and mobilities beyond state borders: Towards new transnational spaces”.

Utbildning information

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Geography and Regional Planning from University of Tartu, Estonia (a joint PhD between Ghent University) (2013)

Doctor of Science: in Geography from Ghent University, Belgium (a joint PhD between University of Tartu) (2013)

Bachelor of Science in Human Geography from University of Tartu, Estonia (2006)


  • 519 Socialgeografi och ekonomisk geografi
  • 1171 Geovetenskaper

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