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My research interests include the history of translation, translators’ social networks and working environments, and the cultural, societal and linguistic impact of translation in Finland. My recent publications deal with retranslations, translators' agency, professionalisation and paratextual issues. I have co-edited a history of the translation of non-fiction and scientific literature in Finland with Professor H. K. Riikonen from the Institute for Art Research (2013). I was also involved in the editing and writing of the two-volume Finnish translation history (Suomennoskirjallisuuden historia I–II, published by the Finnish Literature Society SKS in 2007).   My 2002 doctoral dissertation was on the history of translations into Finnish from 1809 to 1850.

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I am currently working as professor of English at the department of English, School of Languages and Translation Studies, 20014 University of Turku, Finland. I can be reached at outi.paloposki(at)

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