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1995 …2021

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  • My current field of research is the cycling of silicon as part of the biosphere connected to the water ecosystem. Specifically, I study different biological and chemical processes which affect the speciation, binding and release of silicon in different parts of the biogeosphere (e.g. soil, water, seston, sediment). The present main emphasis is on processes affecting the Si cycle in coastal areas and the onnections to eutrophication, global warming and other nutrient cycles. 
  • I am also interested in 1) the structure and function of the phytoplankton community (especially the diatom community) in the water, 2) sedimentation related to the planktonic community and as a vector for the transport of organic matter from the pelagial to the benthos, and in 3) the eutrophication, biomanipulation and recovery of water ecosystems.
  • I want to encourage a holistic view in water research in Finland, where both the drainage area (lakes, rivers, soil and terrestrial vegetation) and the marine ecosystem are included.



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