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Curriculum Vitae
16 January 2015

Pupu Toivonen
25.12.1986, Helsinki, Finland
T: +358 - 40 - 191 6667


Work experience

University of Helsinki
Research assistant
05/2013 - cur.

Continued development of a HIP protocol implementation ( and
porting it to the Android operating system. Compiled and installed Android to a number of
different smartphones and tablets in the process. Experimenting with a mobile offloading
system called Cloudlets. Assisted others who were experimenting with the HIP protocol or
Cloudlets for various purposes.

Work for a project involving a brokerage and federation infrastructure for cloud services, active
participation in local OpenStack user group meet-ups. Instructing with exercises on an
advanced level course on overlay- and peer-to-peer networks.


University of Helsinki
Part-time instructor / Teaching Assistant
09/2011 - 04/2013

Instructing students in basic and intermediate level programming courses and projects,
including a course on agile software development. Security was one of the key points in the
Database application project course, where students design and implement web services
backed by a database.


G4S Security Services Oy
Security Guard
07/2007 - 10/2013

Patrol duty in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Experience with usage and minor configuration of
home- and office security systems, including alarm systems, video surveillance systems and
electronic key systems.



University of Helsinki
08/2007 – 1H/2015 (exp.)
Currently master's studies (MSc). 
2012 Bachelor of Science (BSc). 

Major in computer science, minors in mathematics and chemistry. A number of security
related courses. GPA 3.16/5.


The Finnish Defense Forces
07/2006 – 04/2007


Military police, army


Knowledge of languages

Finnish Native
English Fluent written and spoken
Swedish Satisfactory skills
French Rudimentary




Java, C, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, HTML ; Ability to read and understand many others.


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, OS X, Android (apps and OS level), Git, SVN, Bazaar,
Apache2, HIP, OpenVPN, OpenSSH, VNC, BIND, Nagios, QEMU/KVM, VMWare






Overlay and P2P Networks
Spring 2014, 2015
An advanced level course about different logical networks that are laid on top of
traditional IP networks (overlays), peer-to-peer technologies, and related data
structures and algorithms.

Intermediate studies project: Database Application
Spring 2012 - Spring 2013, total 7 groups.
An intermediary level project course for designing and implementing a web service, and
a relational database to support it. Each assignment needed to have a login facility that
could differentiate users, and needed to be resistant against SQL Injection and Cross-Site
Scripting attacks.

Programming in C
Autumn 2012
Introduction to the C programming language and standard libraries. At the time I was
the instructor, the focus was on the C99 variant. The exercises included implementing a
stripped down version of the AES algorithm.

Introduction to Computer Science, Studying techniques
Autumn 2012 (2 Groups)
An introductory overview to the field of computer science, combined with a small course
on studying techniques and English language studies.

Software Engineering Lab
Summer 2012, (2 groups)
An intermediate level software engineering project involving a Scrum-like agile method,
and usually taken at the end of BSc-level studies. Students from a team, negotiate about
the assignment with a customer (faculty or outside) and implement what they can while
following the process.

Programming Project
Spring 2012
The first programming project after the introductory programming and software design
courses. An individual project assignment is negotiated with each student.

Introduction to Programming and Advanced Course in Programming
Summer, Autumn 2011 (2 iterations of each course)
The first programming courses intended for first year students. Programming in Java.



OpenStack in production: Infrastructure for CERN data analysis
Helsinki, Finland, February 2014.
2nd OpenStack Finland User Group meetup.
University of Helsinki / Lirim Osmani, Juhani Toivonen


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