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S.M. Amadae is a Senior Lecturer and Docent (Adj. Professor) in Politics at the University of Helsinki and previously was an Associate Professor of International Political Economy at Swansea University, Wales, UK.  Amadae has authored the books Prisoners of Reason: Game Theory and Neoliberal Political Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and the award winning Rationalizing Capitalist Democracy: The Cold War Origins of Rational Choice Liberalism (Chicago University Press 2003).  She is currently Co-PI of the 2.75M ERC Horizon 2020 grant ATARCA which is conducting research on Accounting Technologies for Anti-Rival Coordination and Allocation.

Amadae is the directer of the Global Politics and Communications MA programme.  She edited the collected volume of MA students research papers in Computational Transformation of the Public Sphere: Theories and Case Studies (2020).

In 2020, Amadae was a Berggruen Research Fellow at the Center for the Advanced Studies of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University where she completed research on how binary markers lead to systemic patterns of discrimination.

Current research explores the seeds of illiberal political movements in post-1970s neoliberal capitalism consistent with the Washington Consensus, and also investigates contemporary threats to nuclear security posed by cyber attacks. 

Amadae teaches in the fields of Politics, Media and Communication; World Politics; and Global Political Economy.  Amadae teaches the course:  GPC-312 Philosophy of Politics and Communication

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Berggruen Institute

1 jan. 202030 juni 2021

Research Fellow and Research Affiliate, Center for the Advanced Studies of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

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Research Affiliate, STS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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