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Saana Svärd, Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Docent in Assyriology, University of Helsinki, Docent in Middle Eastern Cultural History, University of Turku

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Saana Svärd is the professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, the director of the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (2018-2025) and the PI of the project “Embodied Emotions: Ancient Mesopotamia and Today” (2022-2025). Her PhD and much of her subsequent work has focused on the Neo-Assyrian Empire (934-612 BCE) and the study of gender in Mesopotamia. On a more general level, she is interested in methodological and theoretical advances for the study of the ancient Near East. In her published work, she has adapted and developed approaches from gender studies, social sciences, digital humanities, language technology and history of emotions to gain new perspectives on cuneiform sources.

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Docent of Cultural History of the Near East, University of Turku

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