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Currently, I'm finalising my doctoral thesis and I'm working in project InnoFoodAfrica, where I investigate mixed wheat baking and application of sourdough.

During 7/2021-12/2022, I worked in project BIOFUN (funded by Business Finland), where I studied natural hydrocolloids and their potential to replace comemrcial hydrocolloids in gluten-free oat baking.

During 01/2020-06/2021, I conducted my doctoral research in project OatHow (funded by Business Finland). In my first publication, I studied the factors affecting the baking quality of whole grain oats with 20 cultivar-pure oat samples. In the second publication, I investigated optimising the milling properties of oats with the hydrothermal treatment parameters.

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Master of Food Sciences, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 14 feb. 2020


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