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  • Finland

  • Viikinkaari 1, Biocentre 3

    00790 Helsinki


1997 …2023

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Personlig profil


My Crop Light research group works on plant light signaling and stress tolerance. We study the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction and its effects on disease resistance and leaf senescence. Many stress-induced phytochemicals affect the color, flavor and nutritional value of leafy vegetables. We aim to translate the knowledge for improved indoor cultivation and post-harvest quality of vegetables.


Administrative tasks at the University of Helsinki

  • Director of Master’s Programme in Integrative Plant Science, 2021-2024.
  • Steering board member of Thriving Nature action, University of Helsinki, 2021-
  • Steering board member of the Organismal and Evolutionary Research Programme, 2022-
  • Steering board member in the Viikki Plant Science Center, 2022-

Previous work experience

  • 2014 -2020, Senior Lecturer, Molecular Plant Biology, University of Turku.
  • 2014-2019, Independent group leader in the Finnish Center of Excellence “Molecular Biology of Primary Producers”.
  • 2009-2014, Academy of Finland Research fellow, Molecular Plant Biology, University of Turku.
  • 2005-2009, Post-doc, Molecular Plant Biology, University of Turku
  • 2002-2003, Post-doc, Laboratory of Animal Physiology, University of Turku.
  • 2004, Planning officer, University of Turku, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • 2002-2003, Coordinator of the Finnish National Biological Interactions graduate school.

International positions of trust

  • Oral or written examination of 12 PhD thesis
  • Evaluation of research proposals for several international agencies
  • Journal of Experimental Botany, Handling editor since 2022
  • New Phytologist, Member in the Board of Advisors, since 2016
  • Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society, council member 2016-2021
  • Referee for multiple scientific and scholarly journals

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Plant biology, Title of Docent, University of Turku

Tilldelningsdatum: 21 sep. 2009

Plant biology, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Turku

Tilldelningsdatum: 19 sep. 2002

Plant biology, Master of Science, University of Turku

Tilldelningsdatum: 22 aug. 1996


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