Sami Pihlström

Professor of Philosophy of Religion

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Personlig profil


My main research interests in philosophy include the pragmatist tradition, the problem of realism in various areas of philosophy, the philosophy of religion, transcendental philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, as well as metaphilosophical issues. Currenty I am actively involved in the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence, "Reason and Religious Recognition" (led by Prof. Risto Saarinen, hosted by the UH Faculty of Theology), in which I am one of the three team leaders, in charge of the research group focusing on contemporary philosophy of religion.

The information about my publications and other activities entered in the TUHAT database focuses on the years following 2009, when I returned to the University of Helsinki, first as the Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2009-2015) and permanently as Professor of Philosophy of Religion (since 2014). However, I have attached my full cv (please see below) and my full list of publications (in a separate file) to this profile information; those documents also cover the years I spent at other universities before these UH appointments, particularly at the University of Jyväskylä, where I held my previous professorship.




PIHLSTRÖM, Sami Johannes

Current institutional address: Faculty of Theology, P.O. Box 4, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland; tel. +358-40-5015535; e-mail:

Date of birth: December 27, 1969; place of birth: Helsinki, Finland



Degrees (major: theoretical philosophy, minor: literary history and criticism): M.Phil. (1993), Lic.Phil. (1994), Ph.D. (1996), all at the University of Helsinki (UH), Faculty of Arts. (Ph.D. thesis: Structuring the World: The Issue of Realism and the Nature of Ontological Problems in Classical and Contemporary Pragmatism.)




3.1. Academic positions: (1) Docent of Theoretical Philosophy, UH (1998-); Docent of Philosophy, University of Turku (UTu) (1998-); Docent of Philosophy: Axiology and Philosophical Anthropology, University of Kuopio (2000-; since 2010 University of Eastern Finland).

(2) Professor of Philosophy, University of Kuopio (85%, 1998–1999; teaching and exams: philosophy courses from the elementary to the advanced level, e.g., “Introduction to Philosophy”, “Ethics”, “Social Philosophy”, “Philosophy of Human Nature”, “Philosophy of Science”).

(3)Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Academy of Finland (AF) (1999–2002).

(4) University Lecturer of Theoretical Philosophy, UH (2001–2005); teaching (2002–2005) on epistemology, ontology, philosophy of science, etc., introductory and intermediate classes, plus undergraduate seminars and examinations.

(5) Professor of Philosophy (acting), University of Tampere (UTa) (2005–2007); teaching on philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, advanced undergraduate seminars, etc.; Chair of Department, January–July, 2007.

(6) Professor of Practical Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä (UJ) (2006–2014); teaching on ethics, philosophical anthropology, etc., introductory and advanced courses, plus graduate and advanced undergraduate seminars; Head of the Philosophy Unit (2007–2008); Dept. of Social Sciences and Philosophy Vice-Chair (2008–2009).

(7) Director, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, UH (August 1, 2009 – July 31, 2015).

(8) Professor of Philosophy of Religion, UH (August 1, 2014 –; on a leave until July 31, 2015, sabbatical 2015-2016).


3.2. Other scholarly merits: Researcher, Department of Philosophy, UH, 1994–1998. Grants: Finnish Cultural Foundation (1994, 1995), Helsingin Sanomat Centennial Foundation (1996), the 350th Anniversary Foundation of the UH (1996), Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation (1997), Emil Aaltonen Foundation (1998). Grants for congress trips by the Chancellor of the UH (1995, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2004) and by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (FCF) (1998). Academic periods abroad: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA (1995); teaching exchange, University of Bremen, Germany (2001); visiting scholar: Vienna Circle Institute, University of Vienna, Austria (2013); visiting fellow: Forum Scientiarum, University of Tübingen, Germany (2014-2015); dozens of visits and guest talks at different universities.

Leader of the research projects “The Limits of Naturalism” (UH), funded by the AF (150.000€, 2003–2006), “The Ethical Grounds of Metaphysics” (UJ, UH, and UTa), funded by the AF (400.000€, 2008–2011), and “Human Mortality”, an Argumenta Project funded by FCF (200.000€, 2011–2013); deputy leader of the project “The Possibility of Metaphysics in 20th Century and Contemporary Philosophy” (PI: Leila Haaparanta, UTa), funded by the AF (2007–2010); team leader in the AF Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition Research (PI: Risto Saarinen) (UH, 2014–2019); Foundations’ Professor Pool Sabbatical Grant (25.000€, 2015–2016).

Invited speaker at, e.g., the 12th Internordic Philosophical Symposium in Reykjavík, Iceland (1998), the 23rd International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria (2000), a conference in honor of Peter H. Hare in Buffalo, NY (2000), the AIER Dewey Symposium in Great Barrington, MA (2001), the 4th HIARPT conference on philosophical theology in Dobogoko, Hungary (2003), the Finnish-Chinese Philosophy Symposium in Shanghai (2003), the Danish Philosophy Meeting in Århus (2004), the 3rd Central European Pragmatist Forum in Potsdam, Germany (2004), a conference on the philosophy of Robert Brandom in Pécs, Hungary (2005), the 4th Central European Pragmatist Forum in Szeged, Hungary (2006), a conference on the history of the “transcendental turn” in London (2006), the inaugural conference of the John Dewey Center in Szeged, Hungary (2007), a conference on C.S. Peirce’s normative thought in Opole, Poland (2007), the 5th Central European Pragmatist Forum in Brno, Czech Republic (2008), a pragmatism symposium at APA/Pacific in Vancouver, BC (2009), a plenary panel at SAAP in Charlotte, NC (2010), the 10th Anniversary Conference of CEPF in Bratislava, Slovakia (2010), a conference on William James and the Trans-Atlantic Conversation in Oxford, UK (2010), a conference on practical realism at the University of Tartu, Estonia (2011), a conference on pragmatist philosophy of religion at the University of Erfurt, Germany (2012), an invited panel at SAAP in New York (2012), the “Cambridge Pragmatism” conference in Cambridge, UK (2012), a pragmatist aesthetics conference in Wroclaw, Poland (2012), the 1st European Pragmatism Conference in Rome, Italy (2012), a workshop on pragmatism and death at the University of Erfurt (2013), a conference on “philosophical revolutions” at University College Dublin (2013), a UBIAS conference panel at UBC, Vancouver (2013), a philosophical anthropology panel at APA/Eastern in Baltimore, MD (2013), a conference on pragmatism and idealism at Frankfurt University (2014), a conference in honor of Joseph Margolis at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (2014), the 8th CEPF in Wroclaw, Poland (2014), a UBIAS panel at National Taiwan University, Taipei (2014), a conference on philosophy and translation in London (2015), a conference on the argument from evil in analytic philosophy (Frankfurt, 2015), and the European Philosophy of Religion Conference (Uppsala, 2016), a conference on “arguing religion” (Trento, 2017), Nordic Philosophy of Religion Conference (Oslo, 2017), a conference on Kant and pragmatism (Berlin, 2017), a conference on European pragmatism (Vienna, upcoming 2018). (See “Publications”.)

Participation as a speaker in other major international conferences: 11th Internordic Philosophical Symposium in Odense, Denmark (1995); 5th ISSEI conference in Utrecht, Holland (1996); 20th International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg (1997); 3rd GAP conference in Munich, Germany (1997); 20th World Congress of Philosophy in Boston, MA (1998); 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Cracow, Poland (1999); 9th International Kant Congress in Berlin, Germany (2000); 13th Internordic Philosophical Symposium in Bergen, Norway (2000); 4th International Congress of Thanatology and Suicidology in Stockholm, Sweden (2000); Innovations in Higher Education in Helsinki (2000); ISHPSSB 2001 meeting in Hamden, CT (2001); 4th ECAP in Lund, Sweden (2002); 26th International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg (2003); 4S/EASST Conference in Paris (2004); “Emotions, Others and the Self” in Åbo/Turku (2005); BSHP conference in Cambridge (2006); the “Applying Peirce” conference in Helsinki (2007); the 4th ECPR conference in Pisa, Italy (2007); 22nd World Congress of Philosophy in Seoul, Korea (2008); 24th Baltic Conference in the History of Science (BCHS) in Tallinn, Estonia (2010); 25th BCHS in Vilnius, Lithuania (2012); the Interdisciplinary.Net conference on dying and death in Salzburg, Austria (2012); 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens (2013); CLMPS in Helsinki (2015); International Kant Congress in Vienna (2015); AAR annual meeting in Boston (2017); several conferences at the Helsinki Collegium (2009–).

Prizes/awards: the Charles S. Peirce Society Essay Prize (1997); the APA young scholar travel grant prize for the World Congress of Philosophy (1998); text-book prizes granted by Edita Publishing and the Finnish Association of Science Authors (as one among a team of text-book authors, 2001); the University of Kentucky Philosophy Essay Prize (2004); listed in Kuka kukin on (2009, 2011, 2015); Festschrift (eds. Henrik Rydenfelt and Heikki A. Kovalainen, 2010); invited memberships in Academia Europaea (Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, 2015–), Institut International de Philosophie (I.I.P.) (2016–), and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 2017–).


3.3. Teaching experience: Lecturer of dozens of courses in philosophy at a number of institutions, since 1993 (in addition to the regular professorial teaching duties, since 2006, listed in section 3.1):

(1) “Johdatus filosofiaan” (Introduction to Philosophy): UH (1991), Lappeenranta-Imatra Summer University (1995), open university course, Espoo (1995), open university course, UH (1997).

(2) “Tieteenfilosofia” / “Johdatus tieteenfilosofiaan” (Introduction to the Philosophy of Science): UH (1993, 1994), Lappeenranta-Imatra Summer University (1994, 1996, 1998), open university course in Helsinki (1994), Päijät-Häme Summer University, Lahti (1995), University of Joensuu (1996, 1997, 1998), University of Oulu (1998).

(3) Advanced courses in the philosophy of science: Mikkeli Summer School of Economics (1994), University of Joensuu (1996), Lappeenranta-Imatra Summer University (1996, 1998), philosophy of science for graduate students of education, University of Oulu (2007); philosophy of science in English for graduate students, University of Oulu (2009).

(4) “Nykyajan filosofia” (Contemporary Philosophy): Päijät-Häme Summer University, Lahti (1996).

(5) “Johdatus tieto-oppiin ja ontologiaan” (Introduction to Epistemology and Ontology): open univ., UH (1997).

(6) “Proseminaari” (Undergraduate Seminar in Philosophy): Lappeenranta-Imatra Summer University (1997), open summer university course, UH (1998, 1999).

(7) “Ihmettelyn psykologia ja filosofia” (Psychology & Philosophy of Wonder, with Kirsti Lonka): UH (1999).

(8) Docent courses: “Transsendentaalifilosofia” (Transcendental Philosophy), “Solipsismi” (Solipsism), “Transsendentaali-argumentit” (Transcendental Arguments, with Thomas Wallgren), “Uskonnonfilosofia” (Philosophy of Religion), “Uskontokritiikki” (Critique of Religion), and “Moraalirealismi” (Moral Realism): UH (1999-2001); “Ihmiskäsitykset” (Views of Human Nature): University of Kuopio (2000) and UH (2002). Docent seminars for graduate and advanced undergraduate students (UH, 2006–2009): “Teemoja pragmatismista ja naturalismista” (Themes from Pragmatism and Naturalism), “Transsendentaalifilosofia ja metafysiikka” (Transcendental Philosophy and Metaphysics), “Metafysiikan ja etiikan suhde” (The Relation between Metaphysics and Ethics); “Filosofinen antropologia” (Philosophical Anthropology).

(9) Socrates exchange lectures, “Solipsism”: University of Bremen (2001); Summer School lectures on theological realism and pragmatism: Mainz (2013); Winter School, “Philosophy of death and dying”: University of Tübingen (2016).

(10) “Pragmatismi tieteessä ja filosofiassa” (Pragmatism in Science and Philosophy), a guest lecture course for graduate students, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi (2008).

(11) “Eurooppalaisen sivistyksen perusteet”, planning and co-chairing (committee member), UH (2013).

(12) Post-graduate teaching merits: (i) opponent in Heikki Kupi’s (UH, 1998), Jari Sahlgren’s (University of Oulu, 2001), and Avril Styrman’s (UH, 2016) doctoral disputations; (ii) committee member in Ulf Zackariasson’s (U. of Uppsala, 2002), Jyrki Ruohomäki’s (UJ, 2008), Niek Brunsveld’s (Utrecht University, 2012), Liat Lavi’s (Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 2015), Riitta Korpela’s (UH, 2016 [chair]), and Francis Jonbäck’s (U. of Uppsala, 2016 [chair]) doctoral disputations; plus custos at several PhD defenses (2008-); (iii) pre-examiner of Jarkko S. Tuusvuori’s (UH, 1998), Arto Tukiainen’s (UH, 1999), Jari Sahlgren’s (University of Oulu, 2001), Heikki Ikäheimo’s (UJ, 2003), Lauri Väkevä’s (University of Oulu, 2003), Mikko Leinonen’s (UTa, 2008), Kalle Puolakka’s (UH, 2009), Matti Amnell’s (UH, 2009), Antti Kuusela’s (UH, 2010), Mika Karhu’s (Aalto University, 2012), Ilmari Kortelainen’s (UTa, 2013), Carl-Johan Holmlund’s (UJ, 2015), and Avril Styrman’s (UH, 2016) doctoral dissertations; (iv) examiner of Jussi Haukioja’s (UTu, 1998), Mats Bergman’s (UH, 1999), Oskari Kuusela’s (UH, 1999), Marika Tuohimaa’s (UTa, 2000), Petteri Niemi’s (UJ, 2005), and Hemmo Laiho’s (UTu, 2009) licentiate’s theses; (v) examiner of ca. 30 master’s theses (UH, 1998–2005; University of Kuopio, 1999; UTa, 2005–2007; UJ, 2007–2009); (vi) supervisor of 11 completed Ph.D. theses: 2 completed in 2004 [UH]: Mats Bergman and Heikki J. Koskinen, 1 in 2006 [UH]: Harri Sahavirta, 1 in 2008 [UH]: Katariina Holma [appointed professor in 2016]; 1 in 2009 [University of Kuopio]: Kaija Toivanen [deputy supervisor]; 1 in 2010: Heikki A. Kovalainen [UTa]; 1 in 2011: Lauri Järvilehto [UJ]; 2 in 2013 [UH]: Jyrki Kivelä, Henrik Rydenfelt; 1 in 2015: Tero Vaaja [UJ]; 1 in 2016: Aki P. Lehtinen [UH], and dozens of undergraduate students’ M.A. or B.A. theses (UH, UJ, UTa); 10-15 on-going PhD supervisions at the UH Faculty of Theology.

3.4. Service as an expert evaluator (external peer review): (1) evaluator of Pentti Määttänen as Docent at the University of Art and Design (2001), Johanna Oksala as Docent of Theoretical Philosophy at UH (2007), Pekka Väyrynen as Docent of Practical Philosophy at UH (2007), Martina Reuter as Docent of Philosophy at UH (2009), Miira Tuominen as Docent of Philosophy at UJ (2010), Hugo Strandberg as Docent of Philosophy at Åbo Akademi (2011), Ulf Zackariasson as Docent of Philosophy of Religion at the University of Uppsala (UU), Sweden (2011), Niklas Forsberg as Docent of Theoretical Philosophy at UU (2013), Jaakko Kuosmanen as Docent of Practical Philosophy at UH (2014-2017), Tuukka Kaidesoja as Docent of Sociology at UT (2017), and Werner Mooskopp’s Habilitation at University of Koblenz, Germany (2017, in process); (2) external advisor in the appointment of the Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at UU (2008) and of the University Lecturer of Philosophy of Religion at UU (2011); (3) evaluator of research proposals and grant applications: COST, UH, FCF, AF, SCAS-HCAS Erik Allardt Fellowship, Danish Academy of Science, Technology and Innovation, Irish Research Council, Emil Aaltosen Säätiö, Estonian Research Council, Norwegian Centre for Advanced Study, Dutch Research Council, European Science Foundation, SASPRO (Slovak Academy of Sciences) evaluation committee, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, the Finnish Foundations’ Post-Doctoral Pool steering committee.



4.1. Philosophical journals etc.: (1) Editor of Ajatus [Thought], Yearbook of the Philosophical Society of Finland (1996–2004), Editor-in-Chief (2004–2011); (2) Executive Editor (one among three) of Sats: Nordic Journal of Philosophy (2006–2014); (3) Book Review Editor of Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society (2008–); (4) member of the Editorial/Advisory/Consulting Boards of niin & näin (1993–), Königsberg (1996–1997), Facta Philosophica (1997–), the website “Pragmatism Cybrary” (, 1999–), Kasvatus (2004–2006), Human Affairs (2006–), Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (2009–), Pragmatism Today (2010–), Nordic Studies in Pragmatism (2010–), Ajatus (2011–), Acta Philosophica Tamperensia (2013–), Sats (2014–); (5) member of the Board of Associate Editors of the book series, Studies in Pragmatism and Values (within Value Inquiry Book Series, Rodopi, 1999-); (6) editor of the book series, Filosofisia tutkimuksia Helsingin yliopistosta / Philosophical Studies from the University of Helsinki (2002–2005); (7) referee for journals: Ajatus (1996, 2013, 2015, 2017), Tiede & Edistys (1998), Hoitotiede (1998–1999), Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society (1999–2015, regularly), Facta Philosophica (1999), Synthese (2000, 2013), Trames (2000), niin & näin (2000–2010, 2014, 2016), Streams of William James (2003–2004); Kasvatus (2005–2006), Teologinen Aikakauskirja (2005, 2012, 2014, 2016), William James Studies (2006), Nuorisotutkimus (2006), Philosophical Papers (2006), Human Affairs (2007, 2011), Philosophia (2007–2010 [4-5 times], 2015), Journal of Philosophical Research (2007, 2012), Erkenntnis (2008), British Journal for the History of Philosophy (2009, 2014-2016), Sosiaalityön vuosikirja (2010), Contemporary Pragmatism (2010), Baltic Journal of European Studies (2011), European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy (2011, 2017 [twice]), Politiikka (2011), Mind (2011), Theoria (2011), Early Child Development and Care (2011), Studia Philosophica Estonica (2011-2012, 2016), Journal of Sociology (2012), Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu (2012), History of Philosophy Quarterly (2013), Psykologia (2013), Science and Education (2013), Philosophy Study (2013), Cognitio (2013, 2014), European Journal for Philosophy of Science (2013), Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology (2013), Philo (2014), Nordic Studies in Pragmatism (2014-2015), Synthesis Philosophica (2014), International Journal of Philosophical Studies (2015), Journal of the American Philosophical Association (2016), Aikuiskasvatus (2016), Acta Analytica (2016), HOPOS (2017), European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (2017), Social Epistemology (2017); (8) referee for publishers and conference organizers: University of California Press (1997), Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura [Finnish Literature Society] (2001), Yliopistopaino [Helsinki University Press] (2001, 2004, 2006), Edita (2004), SoPhi (2005–2006), Acta Philosophica Tamperensia (2005), Rodopi (Value Inquiry Book Series) (2007), Cambridge UP (2008, 2014), UK Kant Society (2008-2010), the Philosophical Society of Finland / Acta Philosophica Fennica (2008, 2015), Continuum/Bloomsbury (2009, 2012), Springer (2009), Indiana UP (2010), Edwin Mellen Press (2010), Gaudeamus (2010, 2012, 2017), McGill-Queen’s Press (2012), University of Oulu (2013), MIT Press (2013), HOPOS (2014), Palgrave (2014 [twice], 2015, 2016), Pickering & Chatto (2015), Lexington (2017), Vastapaino (2017), Nordic Studies in Pragmatism (2017).

4.2. Administrative activities and committee work (1-9, 17– at the UH; 10-16 at the UJ): (1) research assistant of Professor Ilkka Niiniluoto (1993); (2) involved in several projects of the Department of Philosophy, e.g., the planning of graduate study programs etc. (1994–1995); (3) secretary of the local organizing committee of the 1995 Entretiens of Institut International de Philosophie, Methods of Philosophy and the History of Philosophy; (4) secretary of the symposium The Logic of Science as a Logic of Questioning (1995); (5) member of the organizing committees of the symposia Wittgenstein and the Method of Philosophy (2000), Kuoleman filosofia [Philosophy of Death] (2001), Perspectives on the Philosophy of Charles Taylor (2001), Naturalismi ja transsendentaalifilosofia (2005), Applying Peirce (2007), the Finnish-Russian Philosophy Symposium (2010), the 26th Baltic Conference of History of Science (2014), Wittgenstein and the Limits of Language (2016), and dozens of events organized at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2010-), including conferences jointly organized with Martha Nussbaum biannually; (6) suppleant member of the steering group (“johtoryhmä”) of the Department of Philosophy (2002–2003), full member (2004–2005); (7) member of the selection committee of students of teacher education at the Faculty of Arts (2002–2004); (8) member of the selection committee of graduate students at the Faculty of Arts (2003–2004); (9) member of the “development group” of teacher education at the Faculty of Arts (2004–2005); (10) Head of the Philosophy Unit at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UJ (2007–2008), Vice-Head (2008–2009); (11) member of the Scientific Council of the UJ (2008–2009); (12) Deputy Head (Vice-Chair) of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UJ (April, 2008 – July, 2009); (13) Chair of the “development of teaching group” of the Department (2008–2009); (14) member of the Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences, UJ (August, 2008 – July, 2009); (15) deputy member of the Board of the Department (August, 2008 – July, 2009); (16) member of the organizing committee of International Conference of Cultural Policy Research (UJ, 2010); (17) member of the Board of the European Studies Network, UH (2010-2016); (18) Erkko Professor Search Committee Chair, UH (2011–2016) and Erik Allardt Program Committee member, HCAS (2009–2017); (19) City Centre Campus Negotiation Committee member (2010-2013); (20) member of the Negotiation Committee of the Faculty of Law (2011-2013); (21) Guiding Group member of Agora for Interdisciplinary Debate (2012–); (22) member of the UH Committee for Societal Interaction (2013-2016); (23) Chair of the Search Committee for the University Lecturership in European Studies, UH (2013); (24) member of the humanistic negotiation committee of the Finnish National Library (2013–2017); (25) member of the Scientific Council of the UH (2014–2015); (26) Selection Committee member, tenure track associate professorship of Medieval Philosophy, UH (2015); (27) Steering Group member, mortality training project, UH Centre for Continuing Education (2015-2016); (28) member of the Search Committee for Professor in Hebrew Bible and Cognate Studies (2017); (29) member of the BA in Theology steering group (2017); (30) chair of the Faculty of Theology teaching assessment committee (2017); (31) Director of the Doctoral Program in Theology and Religious Studies (2018–2021).

4.3. Academic societies, networks, etc.: (1) member of the Board of the Philosophical Society of Finland (1996-), President (2016-); on behalf of the Society, member of the organizing committees of the 125th anniversary colloquium of the Society (1998) and of the Society’s colloquia Aika [Time] (Helsinki, 2000), Käytäntö [Practice] (Helsinki, 2002), Kuva [Picture] (Tampere, 2007), Usko [Faith/Belief] (Helsinki, 2008), Maailma [World] (Jyväskylä, 2009), and Havainto [Perception] (Turku, 2017); delegate of the Society in the General Assembly of FISP (Seoul, 2008); (2) member of the Steering Committee of the Nordic Institute of Philosophy (2000–); Chair of the Organizing Committee of the XV Internordic Philosophical Symposium, organized by the Nordic Institute in Helsinki (2004); (3) member of the Executive Committee of the Charles S. Peirce Society (2006–2008), and of the Society’s committee for establishing an International Advisory Committee (2009); (4) member of the Board of Directors of the Central European Pragmatist Forum (2006–); (5) a founding member of the International Pragmatism Society (2006–), the Nordic Pragmatism Network (2006–), and the Nordic Kant Society (2007–); (6) co-organizer of the First Nordic Pragmatism Conference (Helsinki, 2008); member of the Board of the Nordic Pragmatism Network (NPN, 2008–); the main organizer of the series of workshops, The Pragmatist Message (NOS-HS grant: 40.000€, Jyväskylä, Trondheim, Reykjavík, Uppsala, 2008–2010); PI of the NPN, with NordForsk funding (ca. 100.000€, 2010–2012); a program/organizing committee member, on behalf of NPN, of the 1st European Pragmatism Conference (EPC1, Rome, 2012), EPC2 (Paris, 2015), Wittgenstein and Pragmatism (Helsinki, 2016), and EPC3 (Helsinki, upcoming 2018); (7) deputy member of the Board of Torpparinmäki Primary School, Helsinki (2009–2013), full member (2013–2017); (8) Chair of the Philosophy/Theology panel of the “Publication Forum” (Julkaisufoorumi) of the Finnish Council of Learned Societies (2011-2017); (9) Chair of the section “Metaphilosophy” of the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy, Athens (2013); (10) member of the UBIAS (University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study) Steering Committee (2010-2015) and UBIAS Intercontinental Academy Committee (2013-2016); (11) ethical advisor in the Biomonitor project (Univ. of Oulu, VTT, 2014–); (12) Steering Group member, Argumenta Project, Geenit&yhteiskunta (2015-); (13) member of the organizing committee of the G.H. von Wright Centenary Conference (2015-2016); (14) member of the Board of the Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion (2015–2019); (15) member and vice-chair of the Academy of Finland Research Council for Culture and Society (2016–2018); (16) member of the Board of HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area, 2016–2018); (17) scientific expert of the Kauniainen Music Festival (2017); (18) Corresponding Scholar of National Taiwan University (2017); (19) member of the Conseil d’administration of the I.I.P. (2017–2020).


Helsinki, December 12, 2017                                       


Sami Pihlström

Professor of Philosophy of Religion, University of Helsinki


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Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.

Publikationer 1996 2019

"Ei tule vaivatta vapaus": Huomioita Aku Visalan Vapaan tahdon filosofiasta

Pihlström, S. J., 2019, I :

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragBok/film/artikelrecensionAllmänheten

Öppen tillgång

Wittgenstein on Happiness: Harmony, Disharmony, and Antitheodicy

Pihlström, S. J., jan 2019, I : Philosophical Investigations. 42, 1, s. 15-39 25 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

A Pragmatist Approach to the Mutual Recognition between Ethico-Political and Theological Discourses on Evil and Suffering

Pihlström, S. J., 2018, I : Political theology. 20, 2, s. 157–175 19 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

Death and the Transcendental Subject

Pihlström, S. J., 2018, I : Idealistic Studies. 46, 3, s. 323-339 17 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Eksistentialismin ja valistusaatteen kamppailu

Pihlström, S. J., 2018, I : Parnasso. 5/2018, s. 31-35 5 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelAllmänheten

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Projekter 2011 2019

Protestant Roots of Finnish National Identities

Sinnemäki, K., Portman, A., Nelson, R., Karlsson, F., Pirttilä-Backman, A., Sumiala, J., Knuutila, J., Laine, E., Laine, T., Saarinen, R., Pessi, A. B., Lauha, A., Stenius, H., Meinander, H., Pihlström, S., Helkama, K., Hakkarainen, M., Slotte, P., Ahlholm, M., Kivistö, S., Räsänen, A., Saarikivi, J., Tolonen, M., Kantola, A., Martikainen, P., Hurri, S., Finell, E., Mangeloja, E., Tilli, J., Markkola, P., Ketola, K., Rentto, J., Partti, H., Huhta, I., Niemi, H., Kuningas, J., Huttunen, N., Ahonen, P. & Ihalainen, P.

19/08/2014 → …

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

Death and Finitude

Pihlström, S.

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

Mortality – Kuolevaisuus

Pihlström, S., Knuuttila, S., Saarinen, R., Heinämaa, S., Pessi, A. B., Kivistö, S., Peräkylä, A., Vainio, S. & Hänninen, J.


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Sami Pihlström (!!Recipient), 2018

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Academy of Finland (Extern organisation)

Sami Pihlström (Ordförande)

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Peking University

Sami Pihlström (Besökande forskare)
12 aug 201820 aug 2018

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Recognition and Antitheodicy: A Pragmatist Perspective on (Some) Preconditions of Democracy and Their Moral Pathologies

Heikki J. Koskinen (!!Speaker), Sami Johannes Pihlström (!!Speaker)
13 jun 201815 jun 2018

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Sami Pihlström (Styrelsemedlem)

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Sami Pihlström (Styrelsemedlem)

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Sami Pihlström


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