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I completed my PhD at Dartmouth College in Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, and Biostatistics, mentored jointly by Brock Christensen and Anne Hoen. My thesis work focused on the developing infant gut microbiome in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study, specifically the relation of maternal diet and weight with the human milk microbiome and the gut microbiome in early life.

As a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Miina Ollikainen my work focuses on the roles of epigenetics and genetics in obesity using a large cohort of Finnish twins. Study of twins uniquely allows for disentanglement of genetic and environmental contributors to disease.


My broad research interest is in integration of multiple 'omics data, particularly epigenetics, metabolomics, genetics, and the microbiome, to understand how modifiable exposures, especially those that occur in utero and early life, affect human health and disease. I am particularly interested in the application of machine learning to high dimensional data analysis. 

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Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, PhD, Dartmouth Coll, Dartmouth College, Geisel Sch Med

Tilldelningsdatum: 9 juni 2019

Comparative Human Development; Statistics (minor), B.A., The University of Chicago

Tilldelningsdatum: 14 juni 2014


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