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I am an ecologist interested in ecosystem carbon and nutrient dynamics and how these responds to environmental changes in lake, peatland and tundra ecosystems. My research includes ecosystem-atmosphere carbon exchange from leaf to catchment level, lateral carbon and matter fluxes, sediment records and geochemical tracers of matter fluxes, and, in particular, the role of vegetation and plant communities in ecosystem functioning. 

I completed my PhD in biology on methane fluxes and their environmental controls in boreal lakes in 2004 (University of Joensuu), and hold the title Adjunct Professor in ecosystem ecology (University of Helsinki). As a postdoctoral researcher I have participated in projects on lake C-gas fluxes, short- and long-term carbon dynamics of a peatland (PI), effects of nitrogen deposition on peatland vegetation and carbon dynamics, the validation of the Holocenene Peatland Model against peatland chronosequence data, and the effect of vegetation phenology on mapping land cover, soils, and vegetation for estimating C stocks and fluxes in the tundra. Before my current position at ECRU I have worked at Mount Holyoke College (USA), McGill University (Canada), and the Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki. My current project deals with lateral C and matter fluxes and its spatial and temporal variation in north boreal lakes. It is part of the consortium “Carbon dynamics across Arctic landscape gradients: past, present and future” led by ECRU (funded 2016-2020).


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