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My research operates in the crossroads of evolutionary anthropology, anthrozoology, comparative psychology, behavioural biology, and social interaction research. My more recent research has concerned cooperation and empathy, as well as the influence of perssonality on social interactions in various primate species. A newly intitiated project however shifts my attention from primates to horses.In particular, I study horses' individual personality characteristics and their influence on cooperative interactions with humans. The project is seated in a broader framework of compassionate interactions between humans and animals, and as such bridges into animal welfare, human experiences, in addition to informing of fundamental research in equestarian science. 

Prior to joining the HU, I have worked at Leiden, Utrecht, Cambridge, and Zurich universities. In my past research I have investigated primate cognition, the evolution and mechanisms of social relationships, conflict management, and communication.

The updated list of my publications can be found at: --> sonja koski

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PhD University of Utrecht 2007
MSc Helsingin yliopisto 2000

Utbildning information

2016 Title of Docent in Biological Anthropology


  • 119 Övrig naturvetenskap
  • 5143 Social- och kulturantropologi
  • 5141 Sociologi
  • 5200 Övriga samhällsvetenskaper

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