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1980 …2022

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Timo Kuuluvainen is University Lecturer in Silviculture and Docent of Forest Ecology. His research is focused on the fundamental interactions between forest structure and dynamics, and biodiversity in the boreal forest, using both empirical and modeling approaches. He is most interested in using this ecological understanding of forest ecosystem dynamics in developing sustainable forest ecosystem management practices, which can be applied in the emerging era of rapid global changes. This research is conducted in the framework of a wide international research network.

He has been a visiting researcher in USA (1994) and Canada (2003-2004), and conducted several research expeditions in the remote wilderness areas of Russia. He has extensive experience in both master’s and doctoral level training. Besides academic research and teaching, he has been actively involved in consulting both governmental agencies and forestry organizations in issues related to ecosystem-based forest management and biodiversity conservation practices. 

Boreal Forest Dynamics and Biodiversity Research Group


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