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Personlig profil


My research focuses mainly on human aspects of sustainable agricultural production, with particular interest in farmer-oriented research and agricultural policy for biodiversity objectives.

Post-doctoral activities:Pollinator-friendly farms: advisory materials for farmers (Nessling Foundation 2021); Report series on results-based payments (2020 National Trust, UK); Grasslands, biodiversity and business report (2019 Latvian Fund for Nature), Horizon 2020 project HNV-Link (2018); Finnish inventory of demonstration farms for (2017 Horizon2020 project Plaid Peer to Peer project.

Professional organisations: Vice-chair of Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland; PerinneELO Finnish Expert Group of Semi-natural Grasslands.

Teaching and mentoring: Supervision of final projects at bachelor and master's (pro gradu) levels, HENVI course in food loss and food waste, and bachelor-level courses in restoration and management of cultural landscapes.

Professional experience outside of Finland includes: Milennium Ecosystem Assessment follow-up programme and other activities at United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya; farm-based field research in Järna, Sweden.

Farming, gardening: Approximately five years organic and biodynamic farming in different aspects of garden and field production as well as cattle herd manager.

Externa befattningar

Deputy member, Perinnebiotooppien päivitysinventointien ohjaus- ja arviointityöryhmä (Advisory and Steering Working Group for the National Cultural landscapes Inventory 2019-2021)

Member representing Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland, Perinnebiotooppien hoidon asiantuntijaryhmä PerinneELO

Vice Chair, Perinnemaisemayhdistys (Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland)


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