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In my PhD thesis "Le développement des requêtes en langue étrangère - Comparaison entre le français L2, le finnois L1 et le français L1" (2020), I studied the development of requests from the beginner to advanced level in the L2 French of L1 speakers of Finnish. In addition, I compare requests in L1 Finnish and L1 French. The study is situated in the field of interlanguage pragmatics.

I am a qualified subject teacher of French and English. At the University of Helsinki, I have been involved in teaching the following courses: a course on topics in second language acquisition (BA level, summer 2018 and 2020, Open University), a phenomenon-based project learning course for future subject teachers (spring 2017, together with Outi Haatainen), a course on oral proficiency for future language teachers (MA level, spring 2016, with several other teachers), research methods for MA students in Romance languages (a single lecture, fall 2016).

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