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Ulla Tervahauta (ThD, University of Helsinki) is researcher in New Testament and early Christianity. Her research focuses on extra-canonical literature and women and gender in late ancient Christian writings. She has expertise in archaeology of Roman and Byzantine Palestine and she is staff member in Kinneret Regional Project. Tervahauta currently works with the Protevangelium of James and Mary in late antiquity. She is particularly interested in the manuscript tradition of the Protevangelium, its reception and the use of sacred texts in Christian practice.

Tervahauta is co-director of the Apostolic Fathers’ project with Niko Huttunen and Joona Salminen. The project translated the Apostolic Fathers' writings into current Finnish (2020), and a collection of introductions and studies to the texts in the collection will be published in 2021. Tervahauta’s work focused on the Shepherd of Hermas and questions of gender and authority in that text. Her other publications include A Story of the Soul’s Journey in the Nag Hammadi Library (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2015) and Women and Knowledge in Early Christianity (Brill 2017, co-edited with Ivan Miroshnikov, Outi Lehtipuu and Ismo Dunderberg).

Tervahauta has taught courses on New Testament and early Christianity at the Universities of Copenhagen and Helsinki.

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Assistant professor, New Testament, University of Copenhagen

1 aug. 201731 juli 2020


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