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Personlig profil


Main areas of specialisation:

Journalism, International Communication, Media Criticism, Media and Democracy, Media and Cultural Identity, Development Communication



1990   Doctor of Social Science (Communication), University of Helsinki

1985   Licentiate of Social Sciences (Communication), University of Helsinki

1976   Master of Science (Journalism and Mass Communication), University of

                                           Wisconsin, USA

1966  Master of Arts (Finnish literature, Finnish language, Folklore) University of Helsinki


1993, 2010                         Docent in Communication, University of Helsinki


 Main employment:

2008-2009            Senior Research Fellow, Academy of Finland (placement Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki)

s002-2003 Senior  Research fellow, Academy of Finland (placement: Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki)


1997-2010          Professor of Journalism, Swedish School of Social Science, University of                                                           Helsinki

1996-1997          Research lecturer, Dept. of Communication, Univ. of Helsinki          

1996-1996            Senior Lecturer,  Dept. of Communication, Univ. of Helsinki            

1994-1995           Senior Researcher, Finnish Academy, Project "The EU Question, Citizen,                                                             and Publicity"

1987-1993            Senior lecturer, Dept. of Communication, Univ. of Helsinki              

1985-1987            Instructor (Teaching assistant), Dept. of Communication, Univ. of Helsinki

1981-1983            Senior lecturer (Finnida expert) Tanzania School of Journalism, Dar es Salaam

1976-1980          Instructor (Teaching assistant), Dept. of Communication, Univ. of Helsinki             

1970-975    Freelance journalist, Helsinki

1967-1970    Sanoma Oy/Viikkosanomat (news magazine), Journalist                     

964-967   Aamulehti (daily), Reporter, Tampere & Helsinki


Part-time engagements:



1998-2001 Project leader, Project Media coverage vs. citizen experience (part of the  programme on the economic recession of the 1990s in Finland, Academy of   inland)

1998  Project leader in the project Democracy, human rights and the                                  media, Finnida/SSKH Research Centre FISS (1 year);

1997  Project manager (part-time) for the project Images of women in the media,  European Commission, Studies in the Framework of the Community Action programme on Equal Opportunities for Women and men


 1994-96 Editor of the Finnish scientific journal in the field of communication             Tiedotustutkimus.


1996-2010   Leader of Academy of Finland projects (Media and recession,  Commodification of Facts, Citizen, Media and Circuits of Power, Structures of Compassion)

2003-2010 Head of three projects financed by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

2000-  ead more than 10 minor projects (financed by several ministeries etc.)


Doctoral opponent for:       Ten  doctoral students in Finland, Norway and Sweden


Superviser for:   13 doctoral students at the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, Finland

 Expert in the process of filling a professorial post: 13  times, universities in Finland, Norway,Sweden and Denmark

onsultation & teaching

1999-2010 Teaching journalism at University of Namibia, bilateral agreement between Univeristy of Helsinki and UNAM 

2001  Consultant for Democracy Radio, South Africa (producer for community radio stations; mission for Embassy of Finland, Pretoria)

2001  Consultant for ERNO/EUROVISION (EBU regional window) in South-East Europe (mission for Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

1994   Team Leader, Danida mission on the development of Tanzania School of                                                           Journalism, Dar es Salaam

1993- 2006 Board and Nordic team member of Nordic-SADC Journalism Training Centre, Maputo, Mozambique

1991 Instructor, training course for working journalists from Namibia and                         Botswana, Finnida/Finnish Union of Journalist

1986, 1987, 1988  ourse Director for three rounds of in-service training for East African    journalists, two for primary health care, one for environment journalism,                  Finnida/University of Tampere/WHO &  UNEP

1978  Team member, Unesco mission for curriculum development of Tanzania                                                            School of Journalism


 1996-2009   Contibutor to Kanava (half-popular opinion journal), media criticism

1973-1985 Contributor to Ilta-Sanomat (afternoon paper), tv and radio reviewing

ther professional interests

1996-2008   Member of the International Council of International Organization for Media and Communication Research (Head of  IAMCR Participatory Research Section 2002-2007)

1996-2005   Member of the Finnish National Commission for Unesco, chairperson for communication sub-committee), member of the same sub-committee, 1978-                                  80 and 1990-92

1998-2006  Chairperson of the board, NORDICOM (Nordic documentation centre system)

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