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My research focuses on exploring the impacts of algorithms on participatory democracy, decision-making and everyday life practices. This includes how ML (or non-ML) algorithms (re)shape various human actors' emotion and actions and their wider political implications in making new forms of digital citizenship and urban politics. I am especially interested in studying cases that use open-sourced algorithms and claim to be alternative to the mainstream and profit-driven digital technologies. In my PhD study, I have investigated and examined the effects of Decided Madrid and on citizen empowerment. 

My conceptual approach is highly influenced (but not limited to) the Deleuzian assemblage thinking and other political and digital geographers' work (such as Rob Kitchin, Louise Amoore, James Ash and Gillian Rose). On top of this, I am also influenced by postcolonial urban scholars (Colin McFarlane and Jennifer Robinson) who compare cases across their geographical difference as a way of opening up theoretical assumptions and generating new direction in (urban) theories. 

I use conventional qualitative methods such as interview and participatory observation. But, I am also keen on developing new quali-quantitative method (what I call 'digital flashback') to better understand algorithms' impacts with data scientists.   


Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Human Geography, Doctor of Philosophy , A comparative analysis of Decide Madrid and vTaiwan, two Digital Platforms for Political Participation, Durham University

Tilldelningsdatum: 14 sep. 2020

Urban Regeneration, Master of Science , University College London

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 nov. 2014

Geography, Bachelor of Science , National Taiwan University

Tilldelningsdatum: 20 nov. 2012


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