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I aim interested in the social and political consequences of labour market changes in post-industrial West European countries. I also investigate how social policies can improve or worsen social divides arising form such labour market changes. I am especially interested in workplace automation and the Green Transition.


I also maintain an interest in the implications of inequality in Singapore.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Doctor of Social Sciences, Pass with distinction, Status decline and welfare competition worries from an automating world of work, Helsingfors universitet

1 jan. 20172 aug. 2021

Tilldelningsdatum: 2 aug. 2021

Comparative Politics, Masters in Political Science (Comparative Political Sociology), A New Populist Radical Right? The Case of the Party for Freedom and the True Finns, Sciences Po, Paris

1 sep. 201430 juni 2016

Tilldelningsdatum: 15 dec. 2016

Social Sciences / History, Bachelors in Social Sciences (Cum Laude), Sciences Po, Paris

1 sep. 201130 sep. 2014

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 sep. 2014

Externa befattningar

Postdoctoral Researcher, Copenhagen Business School

1 mars 202128 feb. 2024

Affliated researcher, ReNEW Research Hub

1 mars 202128 feb. 2024


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