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The working environment of agricultural enterprises is in an important phase of change, and structural development of Finnish agriculture has been rapid with this change. Despite the structural development, family farming is the most common form of agricultural entrepreneurship both in Finland and worldwide. The success of family farms will continue to play a key role in food production and farming in the future. However, factors affecting the success of family farms have not been studied from the perspective of family entrepreneurship and strategic management. For instance, family has not been considered as a critical resource according to the resource based view, nor have family farms been considered in the framework of family entrepreneurship in the past. The aim of this study is to provide new insights about family farm management and competitiveness.

The study will be conducted with quantitative research approach using multivariate methods. Questionnaire data will be obtained for the use of the study in 2020, furthermore, survey data collected in previous years will be utilized, where applicable. The project is financed by Ruth foundation.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/02/202031/12/2022


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