Accelerating Digital Innovation in Schools through Regional Innovation Hubs and a Whole-School



iHub4Schools will propose mechanisms to accelerate whole-school digital innovation in and across schools through establishment of Regional Innovation Hubs. Our aim is to support a minimum of 75 European schools and 600 teachers to implement project approaches by establishing regional innovation hubs as sites of establishing and multiplying school-to- school mentoring structures. This will be achieved, firstly, through different support mechanisms that will focus on supporting the collaboration between digitally advanced and less advanced teachers and schools through a variety of peer learning approaches and engagement structures. Secondly, iHub4Schools will develop a whole-school mentoring model that is locally, methodologically and technologically adaptable. It embraces both inter- and intra-school levels, and integrates a continuous monitoring methodology by including novel evaluation approaches and the Learning Analytics Toolbox. Regional Innovation Hubs will be established in 5 European countries and the mentoring model will be piloted with 600 teachers in 75 schools. Long-term sustainability will be ensured by a systematic stakeholder engagement strategy that will integrate initiatives and partners on a local level, such as local municipalities, school boards, teacher associations and network, for these activities to be carried out on the long term. Regional impact will be sustained by the upskilling of the teachers to implement technologies meaningfully to teaching and school heads to scale and sustain the innovation in and across the schools.
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