Adaptation to climate change for both northern and southern species



Both mitigation of causes of climate change and adaptations to these changes are necessary steps to take for the society. Adaptations to climate change generally lie behind. This is highly true for biodiversity conservation, which is here addressed. Using a topoclimate model to be developed in the course of the project, occurrence records and transplant experiments, the project will aim to 1) define the climatic microrefugia for northern species and develop an approach localise such sites, 2) identify possible warm micro-climatic sites that might become future stepping stones for southern plant species and 3) overlay the current different reserve networks with the newly developed model of refugia and stepping stones. We will make use of the transitional region called Limes Norrlandicus in central Sweden, where many northern and southern plants have their distributional limit.

The project is a collaboration between Prof. Kristoffer Hylander (Stockholm University, Sweden) and Prof. Miska Luoto (Helsinki University, Finland).
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