Arts and Skills – Source of Well-being



    The theme of the conference promotes the Finnish and European educational theme of arts and culture as a source of well-being. Art and culture for well-being-programme has been launched by the Ministry of Education 2010-2014. The aim of the Art and culture for well-being programme is to promote well-being and health by means of art and culture and to enhance inclusion at the individual, community and societal levels. The three priority areas in it are:

    1) culture in promoting social inclusion, capacity building, networking and participation in daily life and living environments,

    2) art and culture as part of social welfare and health promotion, and

    3) art and culture in support of well-being and health at work. From the standpoint of individuals, arts and skills, cultural consumption and cultural pursuits in which people are involved as audience have a positive effect on health. Arts and skills hobbies create a sense of community and networks which support people in life management.

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