Atlas of the Distribution of Finnish Vascular Plants (Kasviatlas, Växtatlas)



The atlas is a periodically updated electronic publication based on the database KASTIKKA maintained by the Botany Unit of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, available at The database, comprising more than 6 million records in the beginning of 2016, combines the floristic records from the specimens of several Finnish herbariums (ca. 850000 specimens so far in database), botanical literature and, in particular, unpublished field notes. The atlas shows the distribution in Finland of all vascular plants as 10-km grid square dot maps, as colour scaled maps indicating the regional frequency estimates, or as combinations of dot and frequency estimates. The frequency estimates are interpolated from the results of an intensive survey of 1 km grid squares continued since 1985. By the beginning of 2011 over 7900 squares of 1 km x 1 km squares from more than 1900 distinct squares of 10 x 10 km have been thoroughly studied.
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