Becoming data citizens

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A Tekes-funded consortium led by Aalto University (2016-2018), where the section that our group contributes to is called Becoming Data Citizens, is in an early phase. The aim is to develop empirical findings into political alternatives that demonstrate in practice how to promote more transparent and citizen-centric data use. The project builds on the notion that software and algorithms produce data and work with it in particular ways and, by doing so, have political implications. The research conducted focuses on patents related to personal data uses and user/consumer action in relation to personal data management models, from blockchain-based distributed models to dominant US tech-giant models. The aim is to offer an overview of how digital citizens manoeuvre personal data management models and their potential courses of action. Further work investigates the possibilities of digital citizenry in relation to emerging personal data management models (MyData) and market developments, exploring the goals of start-up companies and citizen-led co-operatives (Healthbank) that aim to modify, with their technologies, platforms and business approaches, the current data landscape.
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  • Tekes: 200 000,00 €