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In this project, the location of agricultural biomasses originating from agroecological symbiosis (AES), are mapped, and the costs related to the transportation of these biomasses will be evalauted in the Järvi-Suomi region. In an AES, the production of biomass for energy production, energy use, and the recycling of nutrients is organized locally in a sustainable manner. Biogas production has a central role in the AES concept. Energy production increases rural energy self-sufficiency and reduces dependency on fossil energy and raw materials. Thematic maps covering the Järvi-Finland region will be created as a result of the project and will reveal the potential of different parts of the region to form cooperation networks between actors in accordance with the AES concept. Through this project we will create, by means of enhanced research and communication, a public knowledge base on the possibilities of circular economy and climate-efficient food production in Järvi-Suomi. The project is implemented by the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology’s LUT Bioenergy Laboratory and by the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki. The project has been implemented with the support of the EU Rural Development Fund.
Kort titelKiertotaloutta ruoantuotantoon - JÄSTI
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/06/202231/12/2023


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