Cognitive Neuroscience Cluster (CNC)

Projekt: Forskningsutvärdering 2011


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The research of CNC focuses on cognitive processes, such as auditory perception (including speech and music perception), memory, attention, and executive functions. CNC strives for increasing understanding of neural mechanisms of these processes, their life-long development, their impairments, and plasticity associated with learning, recovery, and amelioration caused by intervention. The work of the scientists of CNC has resulted in several important breakthroughs. For instance, it has demonstrated that intervention causes neural plastic changes and improvement in language skills in dyslexia and in cognitive and emotional recovery after a stroke. It has also revealed the neural determinants of congenital and acquired amusia. Furthermore, it has shown that brain networks of involuntary and voluntary attention largely overlap in audition unlike in vision. To this end, the world-wide multidisciplinary expert collaboration network is in central role. Furthermore, the CNC has a modern neurophysiology laboratory including high-density EEG facilities and autonomic nervous system sensors as well as mobile EEG systems that are optimal for studies in natural environments. Furthermore, a navigated TMS device combined with EEG will be acquired in the near future. Moreover, CNC has an access to the excellent neuroimaging facilities in the Helsinki metropolitan areas including MEG, fMRI, TMS, and NIRS. The research of CNC is tightly integrated with doctoral training. The vast majority of the research projects are carried out in teams including both senior scientists and doctoral students, of whom there are currently more than 20 at CNC. The students are encouraged and supported to aim at high-quality scientific work. In addition to their research, doctoral students of CNC have participated in activities of the national Graduate School in Psychology and the CNC senior personnel has been active in its management (in 1998-2006 one of the CNC Principal Investigators, Prof. Alho was the director of this graduate school and another CNC Principal Investigator, Prof. Kujala is currently its vice director) and the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Psychology (directed by Prof. Alho).

Responsible person: Teija Kujala, Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, UH

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