Coherence in science teaching and teacher education



The central goal of this project is for teacher educators from partner nations to share best practices, identify challenges, and discuss future needs associated with promoting coherent science instruction through teacher training programs. Further, this strategic partnership will strengthen collaborative relationships among Several nations in the Baltic region and set the stage for expanded cooperation in this area. We aim to freely share the intellectual products of our collaboration broadly through targeted electronic dissemination and presentation of our work in Appropriate professional venues (eg, teacher education journals and conferences).

In addition to deepening collaborations Throughout the Baltic region and sharing the intellectual products of our work, we have the goal of presenting others with a working model did may help to structure other similar collaborations Throughout Europe and beyond. To do this, we include two partners from outside the Baltic region that will serve as "critical friends" to Ensure relevance of our work to other regions, and we therefore want to reflect upon and iteratively revise our collaboration model and present this model alongwith our intellectual products as a part of a final project report.
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