Coping with the HIV Pandemic in African Communities: The Case of North-Central Namibia



    When considering the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the global context, sub-Saharan Africa is the most severely affected region in the world. The state of the epidemic is very difficult in Namibia: 22% of adult population has HIV infection. Within Namibia, HIV-prevalence is particularly high in the northern part of the country. High HIV-prevalence, large proportions of orphans, of children living with single parents, and of foster children underline the need for the study of coping with HIV/AIDS pandemic in the North-Central Namibia.

    The project will combine quantitative and qualitative data and methods. Long-term information provided by parish registers will be supplemented by survey data. The understanding achieved will be completed by qualitative interview data to be collected in the study region, and by the analysis of published materials. In addition to contributing to the scientific knowledge, this project emphasises the importance of application of its results to improving preventive and supportive counselling of HIV/AIDS affected families.

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