Crises and Affluence at Geographical Peripheral Regions: comparative studies of socio-ecological systems on the Åland Islands (Finland) and in eastern Jämtland (Sweden)

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Beskrivning (abstrakt)

In this project I use case studies from two geographically and environmentally different areas in the North to investigate adaptation and resilience of societies in what has traditionally been understood as marginal regions. The focus of this study is on one hand the maritime region of the Åland Islands and on the other hand on the forested region of the Scandinavian inland, with a special emphasis on the central parts of Sweden. In my environmental-archaeological approach, using palynology, I aim towards an evaluative analysis between these two regions during two different environmental crises - following the mid-sixth century cooling events and the mediaeval crisis.

Investigations on socio-ecological systems in geographically peripheral areas during times of crises and affluence provides a possibility for a more holistic understanding of the adaptation to hard times. Furthermore, this study related to current day debates on resilience and vulnerability and the social capacity to adapt and innovate in times of crises. This study will add new knowledge to a subject that has previously been researched focusing mainly on central areas - I will look beyond traditional presumptions and focus on the geographically peripheral regions as equally dynamic and relevant in the economic and social processes of the past.

Allmän beskrivning

PhD-project based on palynological studies, aimed to develop better understanding of land use and landscape modification in geographical peripheral regions during the Iron Age and mediaeval period.
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