Development and modelling of planning and implementation of international master's programme

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The main aim for a project has been to create a high quality, international master's programme in a field of educational sciences, in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Other goals of the initiative have been to intergrate the new programme to decision making processes and operations of the Faculty, and to model and report the development process for the purposes of the University and the other new programmes. As an outcome, Master's Programme in Changing Education has been launched. Development work started in June 2/2017 and in autumn 2020 the programme welcomed the first students.

Modelling of the initiative has been a project for Teaching and Learning services, with the aim to create tools for further development purposes. Planning and implementing the development process have been part of Simola's job as a education administrator. Planning and implementing processes and practices are based on research on organizations, development work, and higher education. The development processes will also be reflected and analysed, leading to academic publications and seminar presentations.

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Kansainvälisen maisteriohjelman tutkimusperusteisen ja tutkimustuloksia tuottavan kehittämisprojektin rakentaminen, toteuttaminen ja raportointi.
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