Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics (DECL)

  • Honkapohja, Alpo (Deltagare)
  • Kaislaniemi, Samuli (Deltagare)
  • Marttila, Ville (Deltagare)
  • Mäkinen, Martti (Deltagare)
  • Olsen, Mike (Deltagare)



The purpose of this project is to develop a new type of online edition that combines the accurate description of historical documents with the flexibility of search tools developed for linguistic computing. Our premise is that by offering tools which are useful for both historians and linguists we will help to bridge the gap between the two disciplines, increasing interdisciplinary co-operation and making electronic editions useful for a wider public.
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  • 612 Språk och litteratur
  • Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics: Representing manuscript reality in electronic corpora

    Kaislaniemi, S., Honkapohja, A. & Marttila, V., maj 2009, Corpora: Pragmatics and Discourse: Papers from the 29th International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 29). Ascona, Switzerland, 14-18 May 2008. Jucker, A., Schreier, D. & Hundt, M. (red.). Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, s. 451-475 25 s. (Language and Computers - Studies in Practical Linguistics; vol. 68).

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