Early prevention of social exclusion: Intervention through identification of stress vulnerability and related behavior in toddlers in early childhood education settings.



    FinnBrain-Lasso study is a truly multidisciplinary study merging neurodevelopmental and educational sciences in tracing socioemotional
    and cognitive development.Our main hypothesis is that aberrant stress reactivity profile (hypo- or hyperreactivity) is linked
    with behavioral and emotional characteristics associating with social exclusion and that the quality of day care is an important modifier
    of developmental trajectories. Our study covers a wide array of pre- and postnatal factors related to stress and brain development
    making the analyses on the impact of day care more reliable. Our study provides long-term expertise on research on day care quality as
    well as cortisol measurements, and the important possibility to pilot an intervention before considering its wider use and
    implementation. Our results will contribute significantly to early education research, pedagogical practices and early prevention of
    social exclusion and further marginalization in young children.
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