EDucation of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils



    Project EDINA (EDucation of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils) aims to empower municipalities, schools and teachers across Europe to improve the prospects of a very vulnerable group of pupils: newly arrived migrant children. In order to achieve this goal, the project has received a grant from the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme, which supports transnational partnerships among education, training, and youth institutions and organisations. The EDINA project brings together policy makers, schools and researchers from Finland (Helsinki), Belgium (Ghent) and The Netherlands (Rotterdam and Utrecht).
    There is a high inflow of migrant pupils in and within Europe. This situation represents a heavy challenge for the European school system. It is important that these children receive an education that corresponds with their cognitive capabilities, but it is difficult for schools to provide this education when they are faced with a language barrier. As such, there is a high need to identify the most successful strategies to improve the education of newly arrived migrant pupils, and to make this knowledge available.
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