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    An ECML-funded (European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz, Austria) international project (“The Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education and Distance Language Learning”) between some 25 countries.
    The project rationale was based on six major problem areas as identified in the Graz Think Tank in 2001: (i) The disparity between material writers and computer experts; (ii) The lack of objective criteria to assess the efficiency of a given ICT tool to achieve specific learning objectives; (iii) The lack of objective evaluation of what exactly is learned with the help of ICT tools. Learning outcomes need to be formulated and recognised by all the stakeholders to reflect new modes of learning; (iv) The isolation of teachers, teacher educators, material writers and curriculum/course designers in this new sector. This does not allow them to profit from sharing their successes and failures; (v) The lack of tried and tested teacher educator courses for ICT in distance language learning; (vi) The lack of provision for speaking practice and socialising (the latter is needed to prevent a drop in learner motivation over time) between individual learners in distance language learning programs in general. This may be even more pronounced when ICTs are the primary learning tools and environments.
    This project worked on five areas of activity: (i) Collection of selected bibliography and webography on ICT in distance language learning; (ii) Collection and presentation of case studies on the integration of ICT in distance and other types of language learning and in teacher education; (iii) Evaluation of existing tools for ICT in (distance) language learning; (iv) Design, development and piloting of a teacher education course module for the use of ICT in teacher education and (distance) language learning; (v) The use of an interactive platform (Basic Support for Collaborative Work, BSCW) for the exchange of ideas and experience, and the sharing of resources between teacher educators in different European countries.
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    The Educational Use of ICT in Teacher Education and Distance Language Learning: Opportunities, Challenges and Ways Forward

    Fenner, A-B., Goodfellow, D., Carrido, C. & Tella, S., 2003

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